A Healthy Environment


   Moricetown Canyon on the Bulkley River


We want to work with communities and other partners to identify and act on key issues, and we want to support Northerners to live well and to be free from injury and illness.

Our aspirations towards finding the balances between natural environments and built environments, are reflected in many places.

This page draws attention to the diversity and complexity of the environments in which we live, and the work of northerners to find the balances.


Natural and Physical Environments

Air Quality - Local Organizations    (5)
Air Quality - Monitoring Data and Reports    (14)
Avalanche    (3)
Climate Change    (8)
Drinking Water    (11)
Drought    (3)
Earthquake - Tsunami    (13)
Landslides - Terrain Instability    (13)
Protected Places, Parks & Recreation    (5)
Radon    (6)
Rivers - Snowpacks - Floods    (5)
Road and Driving Conditions    (5)
Solar Magnetic Storms    (11)
Volcanic Activity in BC    (4)
Weather Conditions and Forecasts    (4)
Wildfire Conditions & Smoke Forecasts    (4)

Built Environments

Creating Healthier Built Environments    (12)
Official Community Plans - Incorporated Areas    (21)
Official Community Plans - Rural Areas    (9)
Planning for Community Sustainability    (5)

Emergency Planning & Preparedness

Emergency Planning & Preparedness    (16)
Environmental Assessment Processes    (7)
Guidelines & Regulations for BC Mining Operations    (9)
Guidelines & Regulations for BC Oil & Gas Operations    (4)
Human Health Risk Assessmnent    (8)
Pollution, Dangerous Goods & Spills    (7)

Muskwa-Kechika Management Area

 Photo courtesy of Mr. Wayne Sawchuck
The Muskwa-Kechika Management Area (M-KMA), is a world class integrated resource management area located in north-east British Columbia.

The M-KMA, named after the two rivers that flow through the region, has been featured by National Geographic Magazine.