Our Health Status


How Healthy Are We?


Rural and northern residents are generally not as healthy as other Canadians. We also tend to be more obese and consume more alcohol and tobacco than other Canadians.

The purpose of this page is to provide a summary of our health status. .


Community Health Data & Profiles

We placed all of our profiles in one place for easy access. 

Please visit our Community Profiles Page.

Injury Hospitalizations and Deaths

BC Injury Research Prevention Unit    (2)
Statistics & Reports - Hospitalizations & Deaths    (6)
Statistics and Reports - Concussions & Head Injuries    (7)
Statistics and Reports - Intentional Injuries    (4)
Statistics and Reports - Leading Causes    (4)
Statistics and Reports - Motor Vehicle Crashes    (7)
Statistics and Reports - Self Harm and Suicide    (3)
Statistics and Reports - Sports & Recreation Injuries    (6)
Statistics and Reports - Workplace Disease and Injury    (3)

Substance Use Harms

Harm Reduction    (1)
Statistics & Reports - Alcohol Use    (4)
Statistics & Reports - Hospitalizations & Deaths    (7)
Statistics & Reports - Illicit Drug Use    (6)
Statistics & Reports - Tobacco Use    (5)
Substance Use Public Policy    (10)