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About the Community Health Information Portal (CHIP)

The idea of creating a publicly accessible repository came about during 2005. At the time, the Northern Medical Program at UNBC was just getting started; Northern Health was poised to embark on a series of community consultations; and, the Premier's Consultation for Improved Cancer Care in the North was on the near horizon. Very quickly we found ourselves struggling to keep up with the information requests that we were receiving from our community partners, the academic community and others who wanted northern relevant data and information.


Dr. David Bowering, then the Chief Medical Health Officer, tasked us with finding a way to make good credible health information more easily available. Guiding this work was the need to recognize that the vast majority of factors determining our health and well-being, lie outside of the control of the formal health system. The most important influences to our well-being are embedded in the communities where people live, work and play. 


As you traverse this web-site you will find links to northern BC community websites, community profiles, official community plans, investment profiles, as well as links to Aboriginal languages, Census data, socio-economic data, disease statistics, reasons for hospitalizations and more. 


"Rurality" is a pervasive theme on this website and we have worked hard to explore its meanings and the implications it has for our health and well-being. As well, the contributions made by rural areas to the overall wealth and prosperity of  British Columbia are enormous. We recognize that rural areas are "the" economic engines supporting public institutions such as education,  transportation networks and health care services. 


Development of the CHIP would not have been possible without the unseen contributions of Mr. Paul Taylor and the early support of the northern health executive. Content and links are provided freely and enthusiastically by our many community and provincial partners - we are most grateful.


When using this site please be aware of the following:

1. While we have made every effort to direct you to high quality and reputable content, please understand that Northern Health does not endorse and can not be responsible for the materials developed and provided by others. 


2. Also, please note that the materials you encounter throughout this site will not necessarily reflect any official policy or position of Northern Health. In all cases, the opinions and conclusions expressed in the materials linked to by this site are those of the authors.


3. The materials on this site are “as is,” without any warranty. The responsibility for establishing the correctness and suitability of the materials, as well as any liabilities that might arise from the use or interpretation of materials that we have directed you towards, resides with you.


4. Lastly, we rely on the expertise and knowledge of many others. They share our aspirations for a healthier future and very willingly make their work available. If the material you find here is helpful and you use it elsewhere, please acknowledge the authors and sources. 


If you have any suggestions and ideas, I would sincerely like to hear from you.




James Haggerstone
Regional Manager - Health Information Analysis, Northern Health

email: james.haggerstone@northernhealth.ca